Thursday, 7 October 2010


Hello and thanks for joining me and my able assistant, Kevin the Octopus, for the opening entry in Val's Electric Scrapbook.

I'm forever ripping pages out of newspapers to keep because I love an article, a photo or even an advert.  So now I'm doing the same online and making a collection of some of the best things I find floating round cyberspace.

There'll be art, design, photography and videos, but none of the boring, worthy sort.  You'll get stuff like this...

Natural wonders!

Powerful advertising!

Must-have products!

Awe-inspiring photography!

That's just a taster of all the amazing delights Val's Electric Scrapbook will have in store for you.  Make sure you don't miss out!  Subscribe to this blog or click my Twitter or Facebook buttons on the right to get all the updates within nanoseconds of them happening.

Hang on a bit...

...don't go away now...

...because you lucky readers get a...


Yes, like any great new publication, Val's Electric Scrapbook comes with a very special free welcome gift.

It's your very own cut-out-and-keep Freaky Staring Dragon!

The dragon was inspired by the work of the American illusionist Jerry Andrus and designed by toy company Binary Arts to celebrate the 1998 "Gathering for Gardner", which is a bi-annual celebration of puzzles and illusions held in Atlanta, named after the mathematician Martin Gardner.

The pattern for the dragon is hosted online by toy and puzzle site Grand IllusionsClick here to open the PDF page.

Simply print your dragon off on a sheet of A4 (in fact you might want to print 2 so it's easier to refer to the directions), cut it out, fold it and stick it together.  Make sure you follow the instructions EXACTLY TO THE LETTER - even if they sound wrong!

Once assembled, place your dragon a couple of feet away from you, so you can see its whole face, then look it in the eyes.

Be warned!  Once it has you in its evil gaze, watch what happens when you dare try to move!

Tips for best effect:

1) Place it somewhere that's above your own eyeline.

2) Light it so there aren't any strong shadows across its face (I have mine in front of a table lamp).

3) If you're struggling to see the effect, try closing one eye.

Grand Illusions have a page dedicated to the dragon, including a video of how it works.  But I'm not going to spoil the surprise.  Just try making it and see what it can do!

Have fun (if not nightmares)!

DISCLAIMER: Val's Electric Scrapbook accepts no responsibility for any psychological trauma caused by your free cut-out-and-keep Freaky Staring Dragon.  If it sends you bonkers, that's your look-out, buster.

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