Saturday, 16 October 2010

Flach Photography

I'm not much of a photographer (less F Stops, more What The F Stops) but I've really been enjoying the Channel 5 series How To Take Stunning Pictures.  I know - Channel 5 In Quality Programme Shock.

In this series, top professional photographers give 2 amateurs a master class in taking a particular type of photo, with a different specialisation each week.  The latest episode was about pets and starred acclaimed animal photographer Tim Flach.

The samples of his work that they showed were truly amazing.

Bats are one of his earlier specialities.

He has an incredible eye for detail and texture.

 Although his photos are quite staged, they do bring out the beauty and personality of the subject matter.

One photo in particular made me whimper with joy and, in looking for it online, it turns out to be the cover of his latest book.

As you'll no doubt come to learn, I have a sliiiiiight obsession with Hungarian Pulik.  To the point where I know the plural of Puli is Pulik, not Pulis.  Oh to have one of those gorgeous dreadlocked doggies...

The book, Dogs Gods, celebrates canines in all their shapes and forms.  It explores how they've bonded with us, how they've worked for us and why we have such a deep psychological connection with them.

His previous book, Equus, is an equally stunning exploration of our other favourite working companion, the horse, from pampered ponies to wild zebras.

Equus is also available as a 2011 calendar.

All these products can be bought from Amazon at up to 63% off.

For more of Tim's amazing animals, have a look at his website.  Actually, don't be in any rush to enter the site, as you're greeted by a very entertaining splash screen which you might want to let run for a bit.

He also has upcoming exhibitions in London and St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex in December and January.

• Additional credit: Dog Milk

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