Sunday, 20 November 2011

He's Terrific, He's Magnific

At the risk of turning this scrapbook into an obituary column, today I'm celebrating the life of yet another of my childhood heroes who died this week. I've lost far too many of them in 2011.

Mark Hall was the co-founder of Cosgrove Hall Studios who were responsible for some of the most successful and memorable British animation from the 1970s up until their recent absorption into ITV Productions. He and partner Brian Cosgrove came out of retirement this year and teamed up with children's TV creator Francis Fitzpatrick to reform their company, now called Cosgrove Hall Fitzpatrick Entertainment, but sadly Mark died of cancer on Friday aged 75.

Hopefully this new team will keep his legacy alive and entertain many generations to come. For now, grab a bag of sweets and enjoy some of Cosgrove Hall's greatest hits.

Their first big hit, the surreal and inventive Chorlton And The Wheelies (1976-1979).

Anarchic and silly, that great British superhero Dangermouse (1981-1992) appealed to kids and adults alike.

Recurring Dangermouse villain Count Duckula got his own series (1988-1993)

Probably their most charming creation, based on the novel The Wind In The Willows (1983-1990)

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